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Why your inner power determines your success!

The word power is a funny one as it means power, like juice to charge your phone and we all can go crazy when that is low on power and we can’t get to plug in for that type of refuel. Though of course this article is about a different kind of power, not the […]

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Are you spiritually powerful (16 ways to tell) ….

For ever it seems people, particularly women have feared being powerful. It is judged as ‘wrong’ and the fear that they will be judged as not feminine and man like feels very real. It runs through everything from business to how one shows up, fearing that if you are seen as powerful you will be […]

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The secrets to being powerful in business…

POWER like most words has different meanings and connotations for people. Power is the source of life if you think about it, when your power goes completely your light is out and you are no longer, wouldn’t you agree? Yet – being powerful for so many is seen as something to shy away from and […]

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