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5 ways to make money flow to you and your business

I first wrote this article a few years back and it appeared in The Female Entrepreneur Magazine and recently I have been asked to share it here as it can’t be accessed easily anymore…so always here to provide a service, I am sharing it again  – and slightly updated of course. Most people love to love […]

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Comparing your money healing options!

Today I am giving you a comparison on 3 money healing options that I have. My Heal Your Money Patterns Programme (group and 121) and my Bridge to Magnificence 121 programme.  I am sharing with you what is different about them and give you the facts. Yes, they are priced differently and have obvious different formats for delivery, one […]

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 Why money isn’t your issue…

I know your bank balance may tell you different. The lack of clients in your business may tell you that you are really up the creek without a paddle. The cost of the investment you want to make is just not something you can justify or believe you have the means for or that the means […]

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“Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!”

Believing in scarcity on some things impacts on your flow of abundance in ALL areas! When you believe natural resources are in limited supply, you are believing in scarcity. When you believe there isn’t a ‘one’ for you in the world you are plugging into scarcity. When you believe that there are too many coaches […]

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What are you worth?

(Today’s article is a coaching challenge for you to raise yourself self-worth which as you will have heard and maybe know has a direct impact on your net worth too!) This is an interesting question, don’t you think. What was your first reaction to it? “Not much…well I have my home…enough….?” Or was it something […]

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