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Why your thoughts are driving your business into the ground.

Recently I wrote a piece here about why you are not your thoughts, and why thinking the way you do is probably doing you no favours at all. In fact thinking is over-inflated!!! This pushed a few buttons because people believe that they are their thoughts. It’s been the rhetoric of spiritual development for so […]

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Are your money triggers keeping you broke?

A money trigger is when you react to money and let it stop you, the illusion being the money is your reason why not!!! It manifests in many ways and is born from emotion. When a money trigger calls and you let it be your ‘stop’ point ironically you have made it all about the […]

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Magical Powerful Manifestation Ritual [video]

In this video which is just under 15 minutes long, I share a really powerful and easy to follow manifestation ritual. Manifestation is a well-talked about and adored topic, after all it creates magic and miracles and it also remains misunderstood. Often confused with the Law of Attraction and always where something doesn’t manifest there […]

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Get what you want, not what you deserve!

How many times in your life have you said when something went wrong, I deserved that – a way of blaming yourself not of taking responsibility. Or when you felt that you deserved better, ooooo the indignation that goes with that! The thing with the energy of the word ‘deserve’; it is double-edged and one […]

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2017 predictions for heart centered business owners!

With not long to go till 2016 is no more, it is useful for me to share the predictions for 2017. Read, be inspired and take note…! …Illusions are going to strip away and boldness in both what people offer and what people buy is going to occur in 2017. Energetically it marks a turning […]

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5 Myths about Manifesting

It takes ages…there’s a myth and bit of BS. You can manifest in an instant. Our universe is in the NOW, the past isn’t existing nor is the future it all happens simply now. The length of time can sometimes appear to be longer because (a) you aren’t committed or believe it’s impossible and have […]

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Your ultimate manifestation cheatsheet [download]

Manifestation is always a hot topic. A magic word almost. A bit of a conversation starter and also the pipe dream for many to master. Yet it is pretty simple. It’s something that I have been actively aware of since I was a child. I used to be quite intrigued by this ability to make […]

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