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The REAL cost of having it ALL

There’s a lot of talk made extremely popular and latched onto by online marketers about ‘having it all’ – which for one is about when you buy my product/service for the other it is that airy fairy woo woo of spirituality that says if you print a faux million $ cheque from the universe and […]

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Is your #manifesting hit and miss? Well read this to find out why…

After the excitement and rush of deciding to ‘GO’ for something and being determined it’s your sure-fire manifesting ‘gig’, there is nothing worse than that feeling when nothing happens AKA manifests! The workshop didn’t fill, the free webinar didn’t get any YESes to your ‘upsell’ but hey you did write down that you wanted 10 […]

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What is the entrepreneurial spirit?

I was reading an article the other day, an interview of someone in Hong Kong, who had settled there and loved it for its entrepreneurial spirit, which she described as ‘can do’. It got me thinking both about Hong Kong as I am soon there and giving one of my delicious money healing talks. And […]

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Why do my money blocks always come back?

I had a ‘manifesting strategy call’ with a gorgeous woman recently and she shared with something interesting about her ‘money cycle.’ She told me that she seemed to go full circle from doing well and having money to finding herself back at that point of struggle and survival, without knowing why. Each time she was doing […]

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[video] How to protect your energy on social media!

Social Media…let’s be honest is a mixed bag experience. I know it is ‘essential,’ supposedly to be included in the marketing mix of a savvy and wanna be successful online business. Yet not every successful business is present every minute of the day on social media. And like this blog and my own personal living […]

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Are you a spiritual contradiction?

What I am exploring in this article is spiritual contradiction. Originally I had started exploring this a while ago and wrote about it here if you want to see it. By contradiction I mean do you say one thing and do another. You know something, or pretend you do as it is the ‘right’ thing […]

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Are you empowering your wealth – quiz

End of 2015 is within reach. Much talk of review is stirring in many quarters and equally focus on 2016 is being suggested. There is a lot of talk on money goals and changing your money story too. Now I am all for review not as a post mortem which inflicts pain and steps you […]

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How deep is your money fear? 4 signs to reveal all….

I have been observing over the years through working with my clients and listening and talking with heart centered entrepreneurs about the illusions in their money relationship. Basically entrenching and embedding themselves in fear.  Having a sword of truth as part of my gift and an insight that is intuitive I see through the over […]

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