“Can meditation help heal my money story?”

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This week’s question was sent in by one of the readers and is all about money meditation! Do they even go together? Well read on to find out… !Meditation (1)

The Fall in Love with Monday Meditation series has been created to support your own meditation revolution.

I love meditation. For me it is an integral part of my life and when I don’t do it, I miss its positive impact in my life. Of course life sometimes tries to distract me and even then I make sure I sit or stand in meditation even for a few minutes as the benefits are felt far longer than the time I took out to meditate.

Can a money meditation help me heal my money story?

This is a fabulous question as it covers two of my most favourite topics, meditation and money.

We all have a money story, it is full of twists, turns, highs lows and judgments and illusions…until we reach a point of understanding about energy and how to be more in our own life for ourselves.

Money is part of our soul story and part of our lives, you can’t avoid it even if you try!!  To truly experience abundance in any area of life, so that includes money too, it is about making a choice!

The choice part might sound easy but for so many it is tied up with unconscious and subconscious beliefs that they aren’t worthy or deserving or being wealthy isn’t for people like them and other ‘stories’ that limit the supply of money abundance. If you aren’t careful it can take you on a very heady and emotional journey, digging into the past and trying to fix what isn’t actually broken!

To clear up any confusion at the offset, if you meditate money will not necessarily mysteriously appear in your life, though it can. For some the energy work is the key that opens the door, and for some the energy work is part of a journey and it can be both at different points of your life journey.

Yet so many make their ‘money journey’ everything but energy. Energy is unseen, not tangible and when it comes to money it can feel silly doing energy work and people get stuck in ‘doing’ and again you need both! Meditation is the easy path for doing energy work!

This is because meditation can positively impact on your energy. It helps you resolve those issues that perhaps are well hidden but still hindering you or the ones you avoid and bury your head in the sand about. Meditation is a great way to resolve your life to and claim more of your truth and magnificence.

Meditation is part of a set of behaviours and tools that aid you being powerful, purposeful and committed which ultimately are expressions of abundance. When you can truly and whole heartedly express abundance and are abundant towards yourself then you are able to call abundance in to you easily.

Let’s take a look at 2 key things that happen for you when you commit and ‘do’ regular money meditations:

Meditation is an act of self-love: When you make time for you it is always an act of self-love. It also demonstrates that you appreciate you and support yourself. Money is the energy of love manifest into matter. When you appreciate YOU – money will flow. 

You get grounded: When you ground you are anchoring more of your power. When you are powerful you are aligning to abundance. When you are aligned to abundance your actions, thoughts and decisions are born from that energy rather than lack. When you are in lack you will play small as you will be fearful and when you are fearful you are in survival mode. In reality this means you are doing the minimum to stay alive, well that is the energy. When you come out of hiding and stop playing small, you will be bolder and take action that is aligned to greater reward. Risk becomes adventure; failure doesn’t exist as you see the bigger picture for everything not just your life.

You get out of your head and emotions: If done correctly mediation lifts your frequency into the higher realms, your soul and higher self planes and that moves you out of the personality energy that can be stressful. Your soul and spirit know the truth and know all is well and when you tap into the higher realms you create and manifest more easily and tap into your intuitive guidance. (Though meditation isn’t just about a Q&A with your inner wisdom!)

Everything starts in energy: Money is energy manifest into matter. Your beliefs that stand in the way of your money flow going to the next level are both manifest in energy and action too, so it makes sense to do the energy work, right?

You can see how meditation through your own practice and self-connection that comes because of it, can help you heal and transform your money story.

Caveat is however use specific money meditations. Otherwise you are using soul medicine that isn’t the right prescription and avoiding what you really want to resolve!

Do you use specific money meditations? Would you like to? I recorded the money meditation I have been using for over 15 years and counting, and bundled it up with 2 others that I have recorded at events that you can use, take look and get your money meditation bundle here!


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