Authenticity workout with Carrie Green @FEAtweets [video] #business

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As part of my authenticity workout series I was over the moon when Carrie Green owner, creator and woman extraordinaire of The Female Entrepreneur Association was able to join to talk authenticity.

The Female Entrepreneur Association (FEA) is an online platform to inspire and empower women to build brilliant and susccessful businesses and with over 100k women involved it has some weight to it, wouldn’t you agree?

If you haven’t connected with the FEA do…and I share why in this powerful Google Hangout.

The technology was a little full of gremlins but with the spirit of authenticity we carried on, so why not press play and listen while you relax or even answer emails.

Each of these authenticity workouts brings out a different depth within the topic and Carrie presents a great authenticity challenge for us all. Let us know what you think!


Sarupa Shah



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