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If you have ever considered or wondering if it is time again to take that deep dive into your money story and do some money healing then check out this post where I am sharing the 26 secrets (and truths) about Money Healing, time to read it as it is!

  1. A is for abundance and while abundance isn’t a fixed amount or quantity it is the very essence of our universe. Plentiful, limitless and abundance. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t unlimited. Remember that.
  2. B is for beliefs. If you don’t believe something is possible or you believe something is fixed then you will create your reality because of those beliefs. So choose what you believe wisely and learn to believe in abundance for you not just others and watch your money story and whole life change!
  3. C is for consciousness, which is an energy. Your money consciousness is about how awake, alert and aware you are to your relationship with money. What say you?
  4. D is for dreaming. Dreaming is such an essential part of manifesting and often overlooked or avoided because somehow it feels wrong to dream about your life as an abundant experience and a work of creative art…well dream it into existence. Dreaming it will allow your energy to reveal to you where you are holding back and where you can release and dissolve limitations…see another ‘D’!
  5. E is for energy. Money is an energy. Expandable energy and when you do money healing you are allowing more of the energy of money to attract to you, hence why like all things it is an inside job!
  6. F is for fun. This is a core and collective purpose for living. If being in debt or worrying about money is not fun, and why would it be, then stop. Go do something fun instead. When you are feeling good you attract more easily than when you are stressed. When stressed you are in your mind and emotional body and that gives you the illusion of I must work out what to do and keep thinking, repeating and fuelling the situation that I wish wasn’t occurring. This serves to limit the light and stop your soul from guiding you. Fun lightens you up, try it!
  7. G is for growth. Money Healing isn’t just about money it is about holistic growth. This is where the confusion lies for many and many ‘money coaches’ talk only about money and don’t understand how the energy sits within the whole and where hidden patterns and mindsets impact on growth. This is why it is important to choose a money coach who know his or her energy!
  8. H is for healing. Healing traditionally appears to mean that something is wrong. However in truth nothing is ever wrong. There is simply an opportunity for growth and transformation. Money Healing isn’t just because you have challenges with money it can be that you are ready for your next level of financial abundance.
  9. I is for you. Ok, let me explain, say this: I can. When you say you can, you will and you are opening the energy to possibility rather than limiting and shutting down abundance.
  10. J is for the phrase, ‘Just DO it!’ Hire someone that can work with you on your money stuff. Stop trying to piece it out of book or free this that and the other. A book is a synopsis of a journey and process, never the whole thing. So many talk about wanting to change their money story, very few do and unless you do your energy, the energy you put into the world is limited. Imagine this, you believe in abundance yet you aren’t abundant with yourself and don’t trust that money will come so better not spend it, is the same as a sports star, say Andy Murray the tennis star, never practising, training or playing in tournaments. You wouldn’t know of him and he would have made no impact on the tennis world if he did it that way!
  11. K is for kindness. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your money healing journey may not be the same as someone else’s, so be kind to you about that and kind to others too. Don’t judge success in another, don’t measure yourself against another, be committed to your journey means being kind to you especially when you open the door to, this isn’t working for me, I am doomed, nothing will ever work. Come on, kindness…and see J!
  12. L is for love. It had to be, right? Love is the energy and money is the material manifestation of that energy. I am talking universal love, not the soppy copy that the emotional body creates. This is why K was for kindness and when you do money healing, at least with me the energy you are connecting and integrating is the love energy and yes the emotional body is a doorkeeper for this, hence why money stuff can be so emotional, love it and hate it. I know…
  13. M is for, MONEY!!! What else could it be for?  Here’s a money healing question for you: Hold a coin or note, any currency. Feel it, look at it and then close your eyes and with your imagination, see yourself connect to the energy of that coin. The element in charge of that piece of money and ask the question: What is my fear about being wealthier than I am now? Then without editing or thinking write the ONE sentence in your journal. Any more than one, and it will be a short one means your mind has gotten in the way and you haven’t let the energy speak.
  14. N is for necessary. Money is necessary. Whether currencies change or how they are printed or what they are printed on, etc changes doesn’t matter. Money is necessary because it is an exchange of value. You have X I give you Y, you are happy with Y so exchange done. Win:Win. To secretly hope and harbour the craziness that some utopian future of no money will exist is spiritually naïve, and simply never going to happen. As it’s here to stay isn’t it time for you to sort your shizzle out about it?
  15. O is for openness. If you are willing to be open with yourself (AKA vulnerable) then you will find your money healing journey far easier and effortless. Remove the should and could from life and tell yourself how it is, how you want it to be and then go make it exactly that and better.
  16. P is for patterns. Part of money healing with me, and why it isn’t linear like so many text book money coaches appear to teach, the you don’t have self worth or value unless you are earning exactly what you want. Say an affirmation, cry over a story from your childhood and feel temporary release. However this doesn’t get to the true pattern. The hidden patterns are placed to limit money flow because somewhere it is serving us and that goes beyond a belief. Quite literally our financial story is a mix of beliefs and patterns and unless you change the pattern the belief changing is temporary at best and always without foundation. Hidden patterns are where it is at
  17. Q is for question, when you question whether you can experience the money abundance that you want and desire, then you are actaully spreading your doubt into your energy. Think about ‘noble’ questions that enable you to raise your money consciousness as well as create stronger and better beliefs around money. The truth is the truth, abundance is real and just because you can’t see it in your life or feel it, doesn’t mean you won’t or can’t either. Question always is how can I be more, do more and have more?
  18. R is for resistance. When money healing starts to kick in for most, there is resistance partly because of P, patterns, letting go of things that we put in place in our life as hidden patterns. Plus we have to let go of control AKA the mental body does and the emotional body aligns with the soul, followed by the mental body so there is a new cooperation. These two aspects of ourselves like to put up a fight. However you may not be at that point yet, sitting on the fence with doing any or some more money healing and your resistance will be about whether you deserve it, can justify the expense, time (see below) and whether the last time you did it anything worked, (see above don’t negate your journey be kind to you and the world will be kind back to you!)
  19. S is for story. We all have a gazillion stories about everything. I hear and read so many. Just today I read on Facebook someone talking about struggle, and the fact that something in their life was such a struggle because….and then came the story. Change the story and stop justifying and validating struggle or anything else that you don’t really want in your life. A new story that serves you is the purpose of money healing and as you are served so too will you joyously serve others.
  20. T is for time. Time and Money are the same coin different sides and both a manifestation of love. If you love yourself enough you will always have time for everything you want and not sacrifice you time for others. If you feel you don’t have enough time because…then you are going to already have or be on the road to money challenges; highs and lows. Start making time for you and what you want NOW. Learn to put your needs and wants at the center of what you do. It isn’t selfish. You deserve it and ironically and of course beautifully the more you give to you the more you can give to others too.
  21. U is for universe. Our universe is one of the few that is built on the principle for abundance. Abundance in its purest form is everything is unlimited in supply.  If you aren’t enjoying this way of life, then you can change it and the universe will give it.
  22. V is for vacation. A few years ago one of my teachers in spirit said to me that I had been on an abundance vacation. Took me a moment to get my head round that because that sounded wonderful, though what it meant was I had been on a vacation from abundance and been lurking in the stickiness of the poverty consciousness. This was for me an emotional time, money would come and go quickly, I was surviving just about , by a thread sometimes and working way too hard, giving away way too much of me for little value and generally totally exhausted. This living your dream malarkey was like living hell, it wasn’t the easy, effortless dream of living that I had. So of course I found a way to come back off that vacation and go on vacation from the poverty consciousness and that was in 2011 when I also held my first Heal your Money Patterns group programme. And it has changed hundreds of women’s lives since.
  23. W is for win:win. Abundance in the new era is focussed on win win, and Abundance for All. This is not about money equality in that we all get the same. Value and perception of value will always be individual as will needs and wants. However the energy of win:win is simply that, the fear of money and the lack of understanding of abundance that has prevailed and remains strong meant that people have judged others wealth and created systems and processes to protect their own and not that of who they see or perceive as a threat of some kind. WIN:WIN is my political slogan, because if we can create it in our own lives, then the governments will create it on a bigger scale and then the world changes faster. This is why money healing is essential in my view.
  24. X is for xray. Okay not much choice with this letter, however xray vision is what intuition gives you so find a money coach who has that for you, so they can see what you are not seeing and give you the tools to see it for yourself so you can make a conscious choice in your money and business story.
  25. Y is for YES. The more you can say YES to you, the more the universe gives you the YESes back. It is a mirror, if you are positive and your own cheerleader then the universe returns the energy back to you and life starts to be a path of greater joy!
  26. Z is for the end. You have read down to here, so over to you. What have you learned? Share in comments. See you at the Virtual Money Healing workshop?

Do share this post and here’s to your money story being the one that gives you the happy ever after forever.

Sarupa Shah

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