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For ever it seems people, particularly women have feared being powerful. It is judged as ‘wrong’ and the fear that they will be judged as not feminine and man like feels very real. It runs through everything from business to how one shows up, fearing that if you are seen as powerful you will be labelled like those women who are already as pushy, out for yourself, ruthless…all negative words when used that way. Yet take the word push, in childbirth there is a push, plenty, yes?

All a bit crazy really given it is 2015 and this debate among the spiritual community has been playing out over aeons. Distorted by emotional and mental body fears. Yet history has shown that patriarchal society was preceded by matriarchal and the cycle has been ongoing. The invitation in the new era is for cooperation. Not segregation or a belief that because you are a woman now you always were. That simply cannot be true for all your lives.

People in power are criticized which doesn’t help, like those who step forward politically or industry wise are simply told that they are wrong and energy daggers directed towards them; justified because they are in power and therefore they must be deliberately aiming to hurt.

Very few deliberately aim to hurt.

Those who step forward are living their purpose. You don’t have to like what they do, or how they do it yet you aren’t party to the bigger picture or their life plan. In judging them and pointing fingers you are instead of inspiring yourself to fulfil your role, creating karma. To act in despise of another at any level is karma making, do it despite, not in ‘spite’.

Yet why is it when it comes to judging who has power or not, some are always simply made to feel wrong?

Partly because there is so much confusion on this topic.

And partly because our own inadequacies of not stepping forward are highlighted when others do, so rather than respond to that call within ourselves and focus on what we wish to create and who we truly are, inadequacies are held on to and projected as venom to those who have stepped forward.

All adding to the noise of harm and creating karma not for the one you point the finger to, just to yourself as you say they are wrong.

Many who have a spiritual awakening and leaning in this life, that was a choice for this life, point the finger to those in power as if they are often ‘unspiritual’. The term ‘unspiritual’ is a manmade word and in a universe bound by spiritual energy, nothing can be unspiritual. Everything can only be purposeful as it is always bound by universal law.

It doesn’t mean that it cannot cause harm as free will means we, each of us has the capacity to hurt others and there is a thing called karma that will keep that account and ensure that the energy is resolved one way or another. If you owe love, compassion and joy, you will be given situations to offer it in order to repay the unkindness and harm. Simple.

What is spiritual power?ULYAC poster

Spiritual power – like all things isn’t about the outside of you part. It isn’t about what you can do and how much you can get others to do what you want and follow you either. It is simply about you being YOU! The best you, the real you and the YOU who fulfils what s/he came here to do.

The cooperation of power always starts within.

To be spiritually powerful is to…

  1. Know you are safe and loved no matter what is going on outside of you or around you or even to you.
  2. Find the joy and sometimes humour in any situation – lightens up and enlightens.
  3. Not be defeated by defeat, changes course or finds a new way round instead.
  4. Know, trust and align to spiritual truth.
  5. Understand the difference between illusion and truth.
  6. Have given up the need to be right and make others wrong.
  7. Not shun the material world.
  8. Not criticise those you do not understand or disagree with the choices you have made about how you live.
  9. Know yourself and focus on your greatness.
  10. Commit to your gifts and never argue for your limitations.
  11. Follow your intuition, the wisdom from your soul through your heart.
  12. Not take things personally, be soulful in response.
  13. Know when to respond, when to say nothing and to never react.
  14. Celebrate the greatness that you are that you cannot yet see, because your reach, your depth, your light so far is incomprehensible to you, yet you know that in time as you claim your power it will reveal and unlock.
  15. Believe and trust in the bigger picture; the divine plan.
  16. Be about the win:win.

What else would you add to this? Where do you feel you sit with this list?

How comfortable are you being powerful or do you shun power for a more lighter word hoping it can be disguised? What do you fear about power? Are you ready to let the fear go?

Would love for you to comment and start or join a conversation on this topic.

Sarupa Shah

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