Are your money triggers keeping you broke?

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A money trigger is when you react to money and let it stop you, the illusion being the money is your reason why not!!! It manifests in many ways and is born from emotion. When a money trigger calls and you let it be your ‘stop’ point ironically you have made it all about the money and not your growth and is a total rejection of abundance!

Ironically a trigger is an opportunity for something to move, occur and happen so why is that money triggers do the opposite for most? Why is it that money stories aren’t being resolved and the greatest work of personal fiction is being created around and about them?

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I always find it interesting that abundance as a well-known topic and one that has captured the zeitgeist and copy pages of online business owners, is misunderstood, feared to not be really true and instead of embracing it without proof, is ignored. The money triggers are seen as evidence that abundance isn’t real or not in the circumstance that created the conditions for the money trigger to show up.

Over the years, having had conversations with hundreds of people who have wanted to explore working with me over the years, and not all of them are a good fit, we aren’t here to serve everyone after all. With those that are the conversation arrives naturally at so this is how I can support you in moving forward…this service I have will fit and so on…!

Some ignore their triggers; inner critic, panic, fear whatever and jump on board and some cannot get past their money triggers. The ‘reaction’ to money is so strong that they say no to everything to do with their opportunity for growth.

You aren’t triggered unless there is a growth opportunity and that is often forgotten or completely ignored.

The most common money trigger

The idea of spending on yourself becomes the most ludicrous idea, whether you have the money available or would have put it in credit it doesn’t matter, it is the idea of spending on something or anything to do with growth is the most nonsensical action. Or so the trigger would have you believe. Suddenly it all becomes linear, if I spend X then I have to get X-squared return and as that cannot be guaranteed as the person who seeks this always is the one who doesn’t implement and never tells the truth as them paying you is about testing you. That of course presumes that they got passed their trigger enough to pay you.

Being that ‘testy’ or running away from spending in this way totally has the ability to keep you broke as what people give as their excuse or story doesn’t fit with when they were saying how much they are bored of being in a job or not enjoying success and looking to create something more. Instead they withdraw, give in and pretend something else was hugely important, insurmountable, get distracted and try and fly solo without fuel in the hope that they can be the ‘one’ who figures it all out alone and fingers crossed that they can convince others to pay them while they aren’t willing to invest in themselves or for themselves. It’s a huge energy mismatch (NBI am not saying you have to spend to earn, it is all about the energy and what you are not willing to address or resolve that ultimately changes everything for you).

When you feel that trigger of HOW MUCH, I can’t…I have to wait, I will think about it and create a story when you really mean I am going to forget this and blah blah blah, right after knowing what you were being offered was exactly a match perfect and what you wanted, you have to stand back and look at the oxymoron or contradictory energy you have just opened and stepped into. One of the universe’s money manifesting (applicable to abundance as well) rules is if you say no to what you want then that can be applied across every part of your life as you have something to address. The Universe gives you more opportunities to address this, always.

This money trigger is a biggie and manifests in other ways too

  • People go silent, acting as if they don’t speak or aren’t seen then maybe they never existed, – these people are so emotional about it and don’t want to be seen to be saying NO as they fear the whole abundance thing.
  • People get angry too, I mean how dare you not give them what they want free and how dare you charge what they feel they never can or will when there are people starving in the world. It has no relation however that is the kind of energy that gets spewed out. And anger isn’t just about what is spoken or written, it is an energy that is directed.
  • You are put in the bad corner, as if you are charging what someone isn’t willing to pay even though they loved your work, wanted what you were offering, until the money came into play and it doesn’t have to be a huge amount as that is always subjective and the trigger can go off anytime, the whole thing becomes easier to swallow when you are made bad. When a story is made up about you, they don’t have to deal with themselves or their trigger.

The problem of getting caught up in the money trigger

When you don’t address your money triggers and move beyond them you are in the middle of them and that energy is so skewed and confused it is going to keep you in lack.

It’s not a powerful energy to manifest with or attractive and becomes part of your energy signature, the communication that is present in all that you do without being shared consciously.

If you have been caught in this or any other money trigger and you will know when you have as it has caused an emotional reaction, and if you can’t recognise it, let’s put it simply if you are experiencing money challenges you have been caught out by money triggers and not moved beyond them.

When something is genuinely not for you, it is a simple no, not a story or inner meltdown and desire to prove that you don’t need it, never liked your business anyway so volunteering for the local whatever was really what you had spent a life time dreaming of doing…your opportunity is to overcome it by moving beyond it as otherwise your life and business will remain a product and creation of your emotions and not your Soul.

People often say it isn’t about the money, business coaches use this rhetoric to tell their clients that they aren’t good enough in other areas like writing copy, marketing in general etc. which may be true however dismissing the money aspect is a fools game. We all know a business without money is a hobby or an idea.

And enough is known that money is a representation of energy, so in some way yes it isn’t the money it is the story, the fears, the beliefs and conditions underneath it that are where your gold to transform and resolve sit.

If you are willing to be driven by money you will let your money triggers which can show up as patterns and habits that keep you where you are and in fear and doubt with money rule your life.

Or you can choose something different and step beyond them and discover ways to resolve the energy that sit beneath your money story.

What will you choose?

If you want to step beyond the sticky energy you experience with money, then check out my one-day workshop on July 20th in London, click here to discover how you can navigate your money triggers and let them lead you to the art of soulful money making.

Sarupa Shah



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