8 tips to manifest more time for your business

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I am going to guess if this post has spoken to you then you have a little thing going on with time. Let me guess not enough hours in the day?

No time for you, or your business after you have done everything for everyone else?

Of course with that time script (and yes it is just a script that affirms exactly what you don’t want) you have a secret desire to truly understand why you aren’t getting on with what you know you want to do and why you are not using your time effectively.

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan freedigital.net

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan freedigitalphotos.net

It feels like a mystery…I am sure.

Let’s break the time myth…

I am sure at this point it might seem pertinent to say something like time doesn’t exist or it is a manmade concept. Yes, been hearing that spiritually duff excuse for a while, in fact may have used it myself in my past too.

The whole notion that time doesn’t exist spiritually speaking means that time doesn’t run out. What you don’t get done today can get done tomorrow. If you don’t do it tomorrow then it continues to get deferred. Here I am talking about soul and spirit work.

What it means in truth is what is for your growth will remain until such time you have resolved, learned and grown.

In reality that means what you resit will persist, however, it also means that in certain situations opportunities will expire and a new experiences will be set up by your soul with the desire that you will co-operate, do the learning, grow and get on with having fun and thriving.

Then comes the not so insignificant issue of free will which appears to be driven by emotion so if one spends their time reacting and going off balance this process of growth takes a while.

Ultimately what happens with how you play with time and the outcomes in your life and business are entirely in your hands.

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like more time, even if it isn’t the no. 1 request for all I bet it is in the top 3 for the major majority.

Energetically time and money are different sides of the same coin. Time and money are subjective but both something you can choose to be in abundance with or not…you either have enough or never quite enough.

Your story about time is linked to your money story. Think about that. If you don’t have time what are you really saying…you aren’t worth it because everyone else is more important? We will explore the relationship with money and time in more detail another time but I want to log it with you now.

Can you imagine if yesterday you had more time…an extra hour in bed perhaps?

How do you make more time?

Having accepted time does exist and rather than play to the illusions and confusions of it being manmade, I want to give you 8 tips to make time so you can do more, have more and be more.

  1. Stop affirming you don’t have time…make time and make time for you first. Always.
  2. Now you can affirm you have all the time to do what you desire. Fill voids with good stuff.
  3. Start your day filling your metaphoric cup…you can meditate, read, journal or all 3. Always start with YOU!
  4. Make a commitment to make a plan when it comes to your business and stick to it. No it isn’t written in stone but if you don’t commit and make a plan you are saying you are not responsible or able to create your own reality and the illusion of no time will kick back in. When it comes to time, commitment is the anchor…think about that…commitment grounds time into what you desire to create.
  5. Learn to do despite. An example, I had an article to write for a magazine recently. The day before the deadline loomed I really couldn’t muster up much motivation. I wasn’t feeling inspired yet I did it, despite and that is me committing to me and using my time lovingly.
  6. Stop looking for clues and inspiration in time. Timing is of course everything but you make your own time, you create your own reality and you choose to make your business.
  7. If you ever feel ‘stressed’ because of time then go do the opposite, so if you feel you haven’t got enough time to get all the things you need to get done, done – go out for a walk, go have a bath or something else. Love yourself enough to not be a slave to the mystery of time.
  8. Stop giving up till tomorrow. That is such a heart centered entrepreneur’s weakness. I will wait. Tomorrow. I will see how much I can stand this struggle and inertia. It is all a mask for fear, truth is if you want and desire something to happen or change then make it happen now. Stop delaying your good. That means taking action. Action and time are best friends! Okay action has a lot of best friends.

What else would you add to this list? How are you going to change your relationship with time now?

Remember we all have the same number of hours in the week, it is what you do with them that makes a difference.

Sarupa Shah


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