6 expert tips to change how you manifest business success

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Here you are again, at that nail biting point telling yourself if this time you don’t manifest the money you need and want, you might just sink. You might just give up your business. You scraped by last month and you are sick of scraping by.

You do, well believe you do all that spiritual stuff…and it feels like something isn’t clicking. You are so worried about what is going on in the world too so you want to get over this as quickly as possible and get into consistent earning.

did you know you can change how you manifest money and make it happen?

July 20th: art of soulful money making

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So why is it that manifesting especially the cash through your business and all that comes with it seems to be a thing for the few and not the many and what can you do about changing this? 

I am not going to focus on what is not working as that story is told over and over, because the new era energy doesn’t like that kind of stuff. It has a time and place if it is important however stepping forward isn’t about looking backwards, as if you try and step forward that way you will fall J

The confusion about money and the energy of it is HUGE, the fear about money, worth and value is insidious and not helped by the amount of half baked and underdone advice out there. Social media is rife with this as it seems marketers have taken over spirituality, believing it is their domain to sell however spiritual development is always about your growth and service which will always be in the context of abundance. That is the good news.

These 6 top tips are for you to change how you manifest business success.

  1. Start spending on you and your business especially if you realise that you have stopped or are just doing a little in the hope that it qualifies you as not really being scared about money. If you want to earn you have to be willing to invest. If you have growth and support needs you have to be willing to allow that support in to assist you to grow. It isn’t that I believe that you have to spend to earn, it is just knowing that if there is fear around spending, change it because it will then help you manifest money and all that comes with it in your business.
  2. Say NO to free calls, discovery calls, strategy callswhatever they are called. For some they have become the addiction and the holy grail, believing that maybe yet another free bit of advice might be the thing needed to turn around how you manifest (or not manifesting) the business and finances of your potential and dream. Give them up, hold yourself with more value than freebie and getting free multiple advice that is often conflicting and only listened to and probably not implemented anyway because it was free. If you believe that is all you deserve that is where you hold yourself. The same applies to upgrades etc, don’t take them give them to you first as then you have lifted your vibration and connected to abundance in an empowered way.
  3. Allow yourself to learn how to manifest. Stop letting it be your elephant in the room. Just because you haven’t been as successful in achieving your desired outcomes when you have tried to manifest doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. All it means is that there are pieces of understanding in the way and rather than trying to piece it together and ending up in the same place, get the experts in. If you had a water leak you would get the professionals in unless of course it was your area of expertise. Some people have an expertise and purpose to show people how to manifest, it isn’t everyone’s expertise to teach however it is everyone’s potential to achieve for themselves. Not getting support, is the energy equivalent of saying I have given up. I know you haven’t so keep on going.
  4. Don’t blame yourself or compare yourself to others. These two things are just emotional and mental body over working themselves, your journey to mastering manifestation and the required inner work and growth you are here to address in this life, is unique to you. And trust your path and your journey because when you do it is magical you will see and experience manifesting becoming easy, natural and consistent.
  5. Stop giving up. This is a habit of sensitive ones, and I don’t mean sensitive to energy, because energy isn’t harsh, the ‘reaction’ is emotional and when you give up, get distracted, or stop to go away and think often for weeks and years, time is passing by and opportunities squandered. And more than anything you are denying yourself the best experience of life. I know it is a choice so ultimately it is OK to keep giving up as there are no mistakes, however the alternative is so much more fun. The way energy and transformation works, is at that point of ‘well that is it’, it can feel like an accumulation of everything that is shifting coming back to stay. It is the storm before the breakthrough, and holding your nerve, keeping standing and stepping forward moves you through it as otherwise when you give up you will have to face all what you were giving up from again as the energy wasn’t resolved. I see this on occasion with coaching clients, they book in for a term, 6 months and instead of carrying on with me or anyone else they stop and they basically give up. Imagine if the planet said all this spinning is just too hard today, the sun is to too hot, I will give up and go and fix Pluto instead. Can you imagine? Spiritual development is fun as is service however commitment is key even when appears to be going against your head and everything logical and every emotion, all that matters is your service, right?
  6. You are not your story or your past. This so important for you to hear right now because for too long looking backwards, being on a fix, telling yourself you can’t and the reason is X,Y, Z is simply an affirmation of what you don’t want. Recently I had a conversation with someone who shared over and over how much she had to do, in her home, the laundry, the tidying, the cooking etc. On each occasion she shared this story she was affirming it and reliving it, it was on repeat and the impact of retelling it was creating more stress than actually doing what had to be done. Whatever you have felt, whatever you have judged and whatever has happened you are where you are, it has somehow led you to this point, the point where you are reading this and when you finish reading this, you have a choice to build from where you have been or sink back into the familiar stories and feelings and thoughts that have made your ability to manifest the success that you dream of near impossible. What will you choose?

I have something for you happening on July 20th in the UK at The Ritz, London The Art of Soulful Manifestation 1-day workshop. In this workshop you will be going on an adventure to change how you manifest while working on something real that you wish to manifest. Understanding how to make it happen, and how to stay on track to consciously create.

Take a look by clicking here and join me on July 20th for a powerful, deeply spiritual and life changing day. This is about a non-fluffy approach to manifesting and building your future, and stepping into your new.

Sarupa Shah


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