5 ways to make money flow to you and your business

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I first wrote this article a few years back and it appeared in The Female Entrepreneur Magazine and recently I have been asked to share it here as it can’t be accessed easily anymore…so always here to provide a service, I am sharing it again  – and slightly updated of course.

Most people love to love and love to hate money. Love it when it flows and hate it when it is in short supply and hard to attract.

Maybe you are in the camp who feels that a day will come when money will no longer be necessary and the world will operate on love and exchange. Well, I will let you in to a little secret: money is love and it is a means of exchange…even if the type of currency used now disappears there will be another form of exchange, there always has been, so the no money future is just a great way to not resolve your own relationship with abundance and money!

Some facts about money…

  • Money is love manifest into matter. It might look like manmade coins and notes but everything is energy before it is matter.
  • Your ability to sustain money is based on your ability to sustain happiness.
  • Your ability to call in money is based on your own value which is measured by self-esteem and self-worth
  • Despite what the media, governments or your bank balance may say money is not in short supply, we live in an abundant universe where abundance is a constant and expanding truth.
  • A key part of your purpose is to thrive; no matter what you do…you will thrive if you give yourself the permission to do so!

Yet money still remains a chocolate teapot for many…

It is difficult to believe in abundance when you can barely make ends meet. You may well believe you are in good company when you think of the divide between those who are doing well, after all the statistics point to a small % owning the largest % of wealth. It might even make you believe it is okay to bash those ‘fat cats….!’

You may even tell yourself that there is perhaps a virtue in struggle…it is such an old paradigm and religious idea that pain is necessary to prove how godly you are. Why?

If you can feel in your bones, in every cell in your body that there is more and you are here to make a difference and be part of the bigger picture then sorting out your money story is a bit of a no brainer, well it is for me.

Let’s put it another way if you want to create change on a global platform, meditating alone isn’t going to get you there…money is needed to build wells in Africa, not just for the raw materials and upkeep but to pay those who build them. Value is to be recognised and rewarded with money, which is after all love materialised into matter.

Having a dream to change the world when you are barely surviving isn’t going to help you reach your potential of magnificence and world change agent…!

It takes more courage AKA heart to embrace the wealth that is available than to do nothing and that is what the planet and universe are seeking, the ones who will break their own moulded patterns for something new and abundant.

Change your money story…starting now!

  1. If you want to change your money story then start with YOU!

Healing your money patterns always starts with truly understanding your relationship with yourself. 

If you don’t feel good about yourself or if you have a sense of unworthiness that you don’t deserve money and you don’t feel good about money, then these vibrations, reverberate across the universe and directly influence your ability to manifest. 

You can put in place amazing financial planning systems, use vision boards, positive affirmations, mediations or any kind of consciousness raising activity. Sadly, it won’t work unless you have an inner overhaul and makeover that changes the perception of the value you bring. Always the inner world is always reflected in the outer world.

Do at least 3 things daily that make you feel good rather than delaying them to never or when some other condition is in place.  Whether it is having a coffee break in your garden through to daily yoga or even treating yourself to a day in the spa, don’t put off what makes you feel good. How you spend your ‘time’ has a direct correlation with your relationship with money…so be abundant with your time for feeling good!

  1. Stop the swapping…!

The energy of exchanging services with friends on face value can appear to be all about an equal ‘win:win’ situation. It can make you believe you are in business however the truth and significance is that it is devaluing you, your business, your purpose as much as it is for the ‘other person.’ That creates a ‘lose:lose’ situation.  Ultimately you are both likely to feel you offered the other one more and there is always an imbalance and energetically 99.99% of swaps are born from lack consciousness.

If you carry the ‘I do it for free’ energy broadcast it repels those who are looking to pay for what you offer. And it means that despite what wonderful service you offer you also spread the energy of sacrifice and that impacts on those who receive your service and that energy lives on!

Even if some (un)wise coach suggest you do a swap with a friend to build your business and tesimonials – let money be exchanged even if that means you have to save to pay. If it is worth it to you, you will and it will be a greater exchange of energy for all concerned! There is nothing more brilliant than being paid for your wonderful service!

This is not the same as volunteering or internships as the energy of learning and growing and contributing for greater good including your own is very different to the energy many entrepreneurial women think is a good idea where you keep busy swapping services for free…remember business is not like borrowing your best friends handbag!

  1. Rip it Up!

Write a list of ‘why I don’t think I deserve money’ and be really honest without being self-indulgent.  Keep writing until you’re done.  Don’t censor yourself – let it all out and do it quickly.  When you’ve finished – rip your piece of paper in to tiny shreds and dispose of it.  You don’t need it anymore.  None of it is true! This is a really powerful way of releasing those thoughts, patterns and fears that you hold onto and are afraid of voicing. The first place to start is acceptance of the current here and now and then you can work on what you wish to create, which in this instance is money abundance. Avoiding what needs to be resolved just makes it hang around and impede your money flow!

NB don’t bury this paper in the garden as you don’t want this energy to grow.

  1. Stick it to yourself!

Putting out a call for money is great but if you aren’t clear on why it becomes harder to stay aligned with the energy of why you are calling it in. That is not to say that every last penny has to be accounted for but simply saying ‘I need money, I just do’’ is not the best way to manifest.

Get clear on WHY and WHAT and let the universe give you the HOW!

A word to the wise, it is OK to say I want money to feel wealthy. Don’t get sucked into the trap that you want to call in money and then give it all away as that isn’t valuing you!

  1. Mindful for Money!

Affirmations are powerful magic wands for creation but they are impacted by what I call ‘silent affirmations.’ Silent affirmations affirm the opposite of what you desire even if you are saying something, if you think the opposite that is what you are attracting to you.

The reason the influence of affirmations is often untapped is because most people don’t persevere with affirmations. Doing them for a day or two only when the rest of the time you tell yourself you aren’t good enough just isn’t going to change how money flows to you and your business. As you create and use affirmations start to become aware of the negative statements and actions that pop up as reactions.  Start to be conscious in changing those thoughts or feelings.

Here is an affirmation you can use right away and it is my personal favourite:

Money flows to me easily!

5 ways for you to change your money story…

With these 5 ways you can start to change your money story and raise your money consciousness. It is your time to thrive and to really live in abundance. My advice is don’t stop believing and finding ways to make money flow to you and your business. I know you deserve it and it’s time for you to know that too.

Over to you now, are you juiced up to take your money story and rewrite it? Join me on a Money Healing adventure, check it out here! It’s my flagship, and probably the worlds first money healing bootcamp adventure, it started in 2011…and is a deeply spiritual experience. Take a look here and say yes to your abundance!

Sarupa Shah


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