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I have been working with a client on her marketing strategy. It’s exciting because as she started when I asked her, well we asked her as me and Michael are jointly-coaching her, she did say that she did used to think marketing was a force of evil.

Lucky we all got to giggle at that old insight and suffice to say when she believed that, her business was more like what business?

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But I am not here to talk about her.

There’s another story that is far more sinister for the heart centered entrepreneur that I want to talk about. Last week someone happened to mention that they ran an event, without marketing or promoting it.

It got me thinking! swirl

Was this woman really telling me she woke up one day decided to run a whole day event, book a venue and then turn up and by magic people just happened to turn up to make it a full house? She never uttered a word to anyone, I mean never ever uttered a word, not in passing, not to women she worked with or a brief after thought to her email list…?

No I don’t think so either.

Now I am not saying that the story I was fed, was deliberately misleading it was probably misguided and had a smidgen of aren’t I just a wonderful women’s leader and yes that she is but better lead from a place of truth than illusion. That is the naivety and eagerness of those who think heart centered and conscious work is as easy as claiming untruths as truths. An untruth can be so when you simply don’t understand the process and energy you are working with and of course where success gets attributed to the etheric and magical in the absence of grounded reality.

Now before  you say it I will, a miracle is magic but it is grounded through you own power, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible but when we describe if we don’t acknowledge the part played by ourselves it is dis-empowering at best and stops the process short completely.

Cut to the chase even when you tell someone about what you are doing, or have it as a PS in an email you might not want to call it marketing but you are marketing. The conflict and confusion arises in your own judgments about marketing. Yet marketing is the same coin different side to manifesting.

If you don’t understand marketing and try and pretend to yourself or others it is all magic powers, you are not manifesting powerfully even if you have perceived success, there is big limiter energy in your life. Not my rules just how energy works.

When you mention marketing it is a bit like sales and it makes people want to recoil and run away and think eugh not me. It conjures up advertising and spammy accusations in this modern virtual world.

Yet of course like anything there is a shadow but even what most people label as spam isn’t that. Spam isn’t like a weed in a garden which is simply any plant being where it isn’t supposed to be or where the gardener didn’t  want it to be.

Spam is unsolicited like a weed but it is also deliberate – so when you have your email sold and we all do get subscribed by companies who have bought our email or found it online – that is spam.

Spam isn’t when you signed up to someone’s list and you don’t like their frequency and rhythm to marketing. It is your choice to like/dislike or fall out of love with something you signed up for but it isn’t spam just because it irritates you.

Spam isn’t when someone is sharing what they are doing on social media either, just because you choose not to doesn’t make everyone who does a spammer.

Of course if they are sharing it every minute, and in any conversation – marketing is shifting into noise and is bordering on spam. Or if you have a group talking about EFT and the Sunglasses seller keeps promoting – I would call that spam!

I am not averse to calling something spam if it is, but if you see the same promotion for example in every group you belong to, that isn’t spam that is marketing. That is like seeing the same coffee advert on every TV channel on the same day, it isn’t spam it is legit marketing. I am not saying I like it or not, but like all things I have the power to not read, or change the channel!

Just because you don’t like marketing or get it, doesn’t mean it is spam either. Spammy marketing is something distinct.

OK I think we cleared these spam part up so let’s get back to marketing.

Here’s the some home truths about heart centered marketing

Although these are marketing in general I am writing specifically in language and style that is for heart centered and conscious entrepreneurs.

Truth #1

Some of you who have been following this blog and my work for a while will know I speak of money patterns. A pattern is a rhythm.  In marketing and this is where the spiritual and intuitive part comes in, whatever you are marketing has a rhythm and as it it blends with yours it creates your marketing plan signature.

This is why a marketing approach that worked last year might net you no result this year. You have changed, your target market has changed/evolved and energy has shifted one way or another.

I experiment with this all the time as I am a bit of a spiritual anorak and it helps me go deeper with my energy knowledge which I ultimately coach women in business on.  Yet I know when I have to push or pull energy. I also know I have put enough power into certain things that they can be pretty much left alone once a small amount has been done.

A recent example is of my previous blog post. When it when live, I left it alone to do what it can on its own. The marketing of writing it had been done; I was just not actively marketing it anywhere and letting nature take its journey. Within 24 hours 100, okay 94 people had read it. Not viewed it read it which was brilliant.

A couple of years ago I wrote a copy for a 121 programme I was going to run, sent the copy to my web guy so he could do his magic. I had indicated to me and the universe I wanted to work with 6 people on this. As my web guy is dilly dallying (technical term for coding), I had 4 enquiries from people who had never worked with me saying they had been following my work and wanted to work with me. In fact they knew they had to but no idea. I was a bit blown away as that had come at a time when I had been having one of those transformation patches and wasn’t sure who I was and whether I wanted to be in business anymore, (periodic with me) and of course I told them about my said programme and they all signed up. Two more came in before I got to do a full marketing campaign. Now I did market even though it appears I didn’t as (a) I was doing the inner work that heart centered entrepreneurs need to do  – it goes hand in hand with the archetype and (b) I spoke to them individually about the programme – I marketed it albeit on an individual basis.

Truth #2

New Age marketing is not icky, it is a celebration and if you follow the rhythm and the rhythm says you need to turn it up or down and use something specific it is what it is. It isn’t a good or bad thing or a bad reflection of you it is just the way it is. There is no holy grail to marketing osmosis that symbolises some marketing enlightenment has been reached or surpassed.

You do what you are required to on your journey as the only rule is to be you and to be powerful. So if you do look at the stories of others and feel inadequate or wonder when you will fill your free or paid for or both events easily remember this truth and remember that when you have a list of a few or a few thousand it will make a difference. It isn’t the only difference I admit, as of course I broke that rule as I made my first 6 figures when I had no list, however it isn’t a process that any online business owner would deliberately keep herself in. What else makes a difference is your attraction power which is the inner work. Combine this with the quality of what you deliver and your approach to business, and when you deliver great work that adds value; others talk about you, that is them marketing for you.

Word of mouth you might not be you doing it but if others are they are doing it for you and that has a unique signature rhythm like all marketing tools do, and then when they combine with your rhythm and the rhythm of what you are offering there is either a tune for success or a tuning up that is required.

Each time I am launching something, from a blog article to a programme there is something about it that I know I will do, or not do. Of course we love the idea of doing sweet FA and getting the return who wouldn’t but as my spirit team tell me that is just not how it works, you have to put in something to get something out it is universal law and sometimes depending on things we will never know or understand we have to put what feels like more in to get what appears to be a small return.

So taking my example of when I filled a coaching programme of mine before I had even a web page to show anyone, it wasn’t that I hadn’t done any marketing. I had.  I had written the copy. I had done the inner work and then I spoke to people, it just wasn’t the type of marketing that probably springs to mind when you think of the term!

Truth #3

Without marketing you are not connecting to the energy of manifesting. Marketing isn’t a dirty word or energy as much as being in business isn’t or making money isn’t. There will be those who play in its shadows but why use the perverseness of others to stop you from fulfilling your dream and purpose?

I have seen it in my own business when I made my first £100k without a list, I was like wow I have made it, forgot everything about business and then hit the doldrums. Now I don’t profess to claim this is a fixed pattern but I have seen it enough for those who get a great big leg up to fast success when they claim their real purpose and give on up on what they think they should be doing and do what their soul is here to do. They get so wrapped up in the initial success, they drop the ball, presuming they had hold of it to start off with, on manifesting the next success in their business. Remember I have shared manifesting is a different side of the same coin for marketing. This simply turns the energy off and the learning that then follows is up the windy path as the emotions have a heyday.

Next time you see someone marketing their product, service, event, testimonial, client success story or blog post…cheer for them as in a universe where like attracts like their success, the fact that they are claiming their visibility will return to you as you celebrate them.

Of course visibility …. Well I will save that for another time for now I want to hand over to you and hear what you have to say on this and what your thoughts, feelings, issues or fears even are about marketing, so do share in comments.

If you want to talk 121 with me about this then check out how you can here.

Marketing is a cause for celebration and your soul’s message is something to rejoice so don’t be shy about letting people know, who you are and what you do and when you learn about the rhythms you will fall in love even more with marketing. Just you wait and see!

Sarupa Shah


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