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With not long to go till 2016 is no more, it is useful for me to share the predictions for 2017. Read, be inspired and take note…!

…Illusions are going to strip away and boldness in both what people offer and what people buy is going to occur in 2017. Energetically it marks a turning point and like all predictions the potential is being shared.  It doesn’t take away personal responsibility and a necessity to step forward. Ever.

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You still won’t be able to succeed just talking a talk without walking it, sorry not sorry, to be bringing that reality to you.

You won’t be able to trick your soul or the universe that you are really going for it, if you are waiting for definitive proof about your next steps before actually taking them.

The energy for 2017 is much lighter than anything experienced before.

If you don’t step into alignment with the energy and shrink, or hide from yourself, you will simply miss the gifts that 2017 has for you.

Instead you will recreate old illusions in the new energy. That will be the equivalent of wearing size 4 shoes when you are in fact a size 8. Painful, and an impediment to you getting on.

You have an important choice to make. That dream, your soul dream, go live it. That big want you have desired to create, achieve and serve with whether that be career or business, go for it, step by step.

The money fears let them go.

Simply focus on where you are heading.

Focus on what has worked, not on what you didn’t get to work. That isn’t the same as saying don’t learn from your experiences. What I am saying is don’t dwell on your inadequacies and hang out with them and wear them as armour. If you do, they will become your skin. That means your vibration will be set to your inadequacy level and however you try and justify and dress that up that isn’t going to be high! 

Sharing your woes and calling it vulnerability isn’t raising your vibration or the vibration of those you wish to serve and is not a match for the new energy, share you as a champion of inspiration, walk that talk and don’t fall into the trap that a camaraderie of pain is what the collective consciousness seeks, that is old paradigm comfort. Challenge yourself to be more and go for it. 

(And that doesn’t mean boasting on social media about how fantastic you are while holding the fear and criticism of your inadequacies in your mind and emotions…remember the universe sees it all as energy)

Develop spiritual practice that keeps you in balance with your soul and not ritual for the sake of it. The look at me I meditate for so long everyday, isn’t big or clever. Chart your growth, adapt your approach and use the tools or go learn new tools that keep your energy vibration aligned to the age of enlightenment.

You see 2017 has a new signature to it. It’s not like the clues haven’t been there. Being reminded about abundance, patterns and habits to create for new outcomes and the stepping forward over the last few years hasn’t been an accident! This is the year to put it all into practice. Stubbornly holding onto the less than you that vibrates at a point that is so discordant with new energy and your fears and old stories win, is simply going to put you at odds with the year ahead.

You have a choice, we all do. Make it wisely and remember All is Well. Even if you choose the long road to success everything will be well, though 2017 is the short cut if you choose wisely. The message is go for it as you cannot lose as in our universe, that simply doesn’t exist…you do know that right?

What are your hopes and dreams for 2017? What will be your bold move? Share in comments below.

As always holding space for your greatness and thank you for travelling with me in 2016!

Sarupa Shah




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