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As part of my Fall in Love with Monday Meditationseries and in the true spirit of giving, I reached out to women who I knew had some super wisdom when it comes to meditation and this is what they had to share…!

In no particular order, the meditation tips are wonderfully unique, insightful and give you more meditation power!

We have business women who are rocking the world, no. 1 best sellers and even an MBE (awarded by the real Queen of England to one of our contributors!) I have loved all the tips as they share the uniqueness as well as breadth of meditation, there is a way for you to fall in love with this practice and let it change your life.

Bookmark this page, read the tips, click on the links to connect to these women and extend your network while letting 2014 be the year that you embrace meditation like never before.

Meditation is one of the greatest act of self-love you can give yourself.

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Go ahead and read the tips, grab your extra gift and share a comment. Maybe share your tip, maybe share which tip has impacted you the most. Most of all fall in love with meditation!

Meditation Tip #1

I find that when I focus on listening when I meditate it really helps me stay present. I recently heard that prayer is a form of asking whereas meditation is for listening. You might hear your own inner voice, a great new idea, or some guidance that you’ve been longing for. Or you might hear silence which is great too! (We could all use a bit more of that in our lives!) Kate Northrup, www.katenorthrup.com

Meditation Tip #2

I picture myself rowing away from land, leaving behind all its hassles, stress, complications and petty worries. It is a calm and beautiful day, the ocean is blue, and as I paddle away from the shore I watch the puddles of my oar strokes forming a trail behind me as I put distance between myself and anxiety, rowing to a place of wilderness and tranquillity and serenity, one oar stroke at a time. Roz Savage, www.rozsavage.com

(Note: this bears no resemblance whatsoever to the reality of ocean rowing!)

Meditation Tip #3

Don’t be scared – If you feel anxious or uncomfortable for any reason whilst meditating, remember, you are not going anywhere, so there is no need to fear. Meditating is not a form of mediumship all you are going to do is quietening your mind. You are going inward in search of self-awareness. If you do feel fearful just open your eyes slowly and bring your focus back to your surroundings. Louise Presley Turner, www.thegameoflife.co.uk

Meditation Tip #4

Meditate in a way that honors your true nature. It will not only feel better, but you’ll boost your intended results. Say, for instance, your dominant energy is air (intellectual/mental)…start out your day with a quick 2-minute visualization. If you’re fire-driven (action/exercise), meditate during a your hour-long run/workout. For water-dominant energy (emotions/intuition), pay special attention to the messages that show up through your emotions & intuition. Finally, for earth-bound (structure, routine) beings, establish a structured meditation routine that you can count on. Randi Pierce, www.randipierce.com

Meditation Tip #5

Fertility and Creativity Meditation

Find a comfortable seated position. Visualise yourself rooted to the earth. Imagine a tunnel of light entering from the crown of your head and filling your heart with radiant light. Allow the light to bathe your womb and ovaries in healing energy and affirm the following; “I am healthy, I am strong, my womb is ready to grow a baby” (you can substitute the word ‘baby’ with a project or creative endeavour). Claudia Spahr, www.claudiaspahr.com

Meditation Tip #6

I teach my clients to be more mindful, if they think I’m being a bit “woo woo”, my stock phrase is, “if it’s good enough for Google, it’s good enough for you!” Being in a mindful or meditative state means all sorts of different things: it’s all about being in the moment, stopping and appreciating, being aware externally of what is going on, or what is happening internally and improving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state, and setting positive intentions. Rachel McGuinness, www.zestlifestyle.com

Meditation Tip #7

Relax your jaw by separating your back teeth and lay your tongue along the floor of your mouth. This can even become a meditation in itself!   Jackie Walker, www.jackiewalker.me

Meditation Tip # 8

Don’t be intimidated or put off by images of yogis in the lotus position for hours on end saying “Ommm”. Meditation is a state of quieting the mind so that inner guidance can be heard and is different for everyone. I recently discovered that stand up paddle boarding in tropical seas does it for me, outside of listening to guided meditations in my bedroom at home. Find a mental space that gets you “there”. It might be in the bath, running your favourite trail or even while working out. Don’t judge what it looks like for you. If it works, it works, and if it works you’ll know. Jo Westwood, www.JoWestwood.com

Meditation Tip # 9

For those who think they can’t meditate my tip for you is to meditate while walking to start with. The act of walking will give your mind something to focus on leaving your attention free to experience the meditation with your mind’s eye.

Set an intention about a topic to meditate upon and go for your walk and allow the mind to conjure up images of the topic as you notice your surroundings.  Joanne Reeves-Baker, www.joannerb.co.uk

Meditation Tip # 10

‘Rainbow Canoe’
Meditation is a portal to your soul’s perspective. When I meditate I get in my Rainbow Feathered Canoe and ride the river of my dreams through storms and stillness, through magic and muscles. I listen ever so softly to the fierce fires of my desires to navigate the moment by moment flow. I hand over the reins to my soul’s mighty flames and surrender to the poetry of my imagination.
Laura Hollick, www.soulartstudio.com

Meditation Tip # 11

When you feel yourself in spaces with a person or situation that feels like you want to hide in a cave – do the opposite – expand – you are everything and all things. It shifts things very quickly. Charan Surdhar, www.charansurdhar.com

Meditation Tip # 12

As a Medium and Healer I’ve taught meditation, healing and spiritual development, for years, yet nothing has helped people quicker than using Theta Brainwave. Theta Healing is a powerful tool, whether you want to develop your intuition, connect with spirit, heal yourself and others, transform your unconscious blocks to manifesting abundance or simply experience more happiness and success in your life and business. The Theta Brainwave is your gateway to the divine universe. Kimberley Lovell,  www.kimberleylovell.co.uk/

Meditation Tip # 13

My tip for meditation is to find the right type of meditation that suits your soul. It can be the closing eyes in stillness for 30 mins, or a walking meditation with eyes open or even a 5 minute (length of the music) Goddess Sacral meditation (my favourite) but it needs to resonate with you or you won’t continue to do the practice. Follow your desire in which feels most joyful for you.. .then ahhmmmmm away! Luanne Simmons, www.goddessonpurpose.com

Meditation Tip #14

Open the front of your body and imagine that you are sending love to what is in front of you. Walk around all day like this, sending love to everybody, everything, but more importantly send love to the things that you feel stressed or worried about. Most of the times we want to judge or withhold love to the things we feel stressed about. However if we send love to it, the ‘issue’ starts to transform with the power of love. Angelique Tsang, www.angeliquetsang.com

Meditation Tip #15

A great way to meditate is using mala beads and a mantra or affirmation. There are strings of 108, 27 or 21 beads, which can be made from gemstones to match your meditation intention. As you say the mantra your body fills with its high vibration and as you push the bead away and move to the next, your mind is focused on what you are doing rather than it wandering off. Three circuits of the 108 beads is about eleven minutes, but seems much shorter. Natasha Abudarham, www.natashaabudarham.com/

Meditation Tip # 16

Discover the way you like to meditate – for me running becomes part of my meditation – it allows my mind to settle and clear. For those times where I choose to meditate in stillness, I head to the beach and meditate with the sound of the waves. If I’m too far away from the sea or it’s pouring with rain then I use the sunrise as my inspiration and sit next to my window. There is no ‘one way’ to meditate – find what works for you. Michelle Clarke, www.damselsinsuccess.co.uk/cardiff

Meditation Tip #17

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to really get in touch with your inner most feminine intuition next time you’re meditating? Well, here’s a way. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your womb space.

Deeply inhale and exhale 3 times, bringing all your awareness inside. Feel the connection between the two, while staying fully grounded in your body. Now consider something that’s been concerning you. You’ll be surprised at what now comes to mind! Jenni Mearswww.theartoffemininepresence.com

Meditation Tip #18

I had my meditation revolution when I realised I didn’t need to meditate with crystals or a special room. It was about being able to meditate anywhere and anytime so I could connect to my inner voice! Meggan Watterson,  www.megganwatterson.com/ (Meggan has a great Soul Voice meditation that you will enjoy!)

Meditation Tip #19

When you first star to meditate or decide to return to a regular meditation practice, commit! Imagining you will fit meditation time in magically is not a commitment, make time deliberately as ultimately deliberate action is consciousness! Sarupa Shah, www.thesoulagentblog.com

Meditation Tip #20

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Over to you now, share you favourite tip from this list or your own meditation tip. Remember don’t miss out on the December meditation sale or to join The Soul Agency’s Meditation community…it is quick and easy and only about meditation, and I promise you will only hear from me if there is something relevant. I have a campaign for 2014 which is to create a meditation revolution and you can join me too. As a thank you I have a recorded a meditation as a gift and to get to started or reacquainted with meditation. Just click here to sign up.

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